Blind Dog Falls From 15th Floor, Walks Away After Splash In Hot Tub

A 13-year-old partially blind dog fell from the 15th story of a high rise in Sacramento, California, miraculously landing in a hot tub on the ground floor. The lucky Boston terrier walked away from his brush of death with a limp and a few broken ribs.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the dog, named Sam, enjoyed sunning himself on the balcony on the 15th floor of Bridgeway Towers, where he and his owner, Bill McCourt, had lived for the past three years. Those days are likely over.

McCourt’s mother Bette Plumb, who takes care of Sam when her son is at work, explained her reaction after learning the blind dog was found in the hot tub.

“My first thought was he must have got out and taken the stairs or the elevator or something. But there’s no way he could have gotten out of the condo. All of a sudden, I knew. It hit me immediately: He fell.”

On the 8th floor, Sam plunged past a man sipping coffee on the terrace. He also zoomed past shoppers and pedestrians on the ground floor, to land hard in the center of the hot tub.

Two workers quickly arrived on the scene after hearing an enormous splash from the hot tub. One of the two immediately recognized Sam, and called Plumb.

When she arrived, she saw the blind dog was still on his feet, but limping and in need of immediate care.

She rushed Sam to the VCA Bradshaw Animal Hospital, where he is being treated for his injuries. The terrier may have six to eight weeks of recovery time ahead of him, but he’ll be able to return home.

According to ABC News, Bill McCourt talked about the shock that he and so many others have at hearing the story.

“‘The 15th floor? Are you sure it was the 15th floor?’ because no one can believe it. They’re completely amazed. I just want to get him home. He’s a huge part of my family.”

Whether the dog’s visual impairment had anything to do with his fall isn’t clear. As the Inquisitr previously reported, some blind canines are capable of amazing feats, including returning home over miles of harsh wintry terrain.

McCourt may never know if his dog blindly walked off the balcony, or if his trip to the hot tub was caused by a precarious nap too close to the edge, but as he told the Sacramento Bee, Sam’s “balcony days are over.”

[Image Credit: Priit Kallas/Wikimedia Commons]