Bubble Comments: inspired thinking or the stupidest thing I’ve seen this week

New service Bubble Comment allows users to leave video notes against websites (as the name suggests) in bubbles.

To use Bubble Comment, you visit the site, enter the URL of the site you want to record a video on, record the video (no signup required, and it’s dead simple) then you share a special URL that shows the site you’ve visited in an iFrame with your video bubble overlaid.

Paul Glazowski at Mashable states in the headline that “Bubble Comment Makes Website Sharing More Engaging with Video,” but maybe I’m not drinking the same kool aid, because the service doesn’t work with a site, it creates an overlay with a seperate url, for example this one I recorded on The Inquisitr.

On the flip side, the company behind Bubble Comments offers a similar range of paid Bubble services, so as a free front into the other services it probably serves a purpose, because I just can’t see how (by itself) this is ever going to be a brilliant idea. Maybe I’m being too hard, or maybe actually being too soft. Inspired idea or plain dumb? what do you think?