‘Destiny’: Xur’s Tower Time Extended Due To PSN And Xbox LIVE Outages

Destiny players are already familiar with Xûr’s limited time in the game’s tower to sell exotic armor and weapons. This weekend’s visit has turned especially troublesome due to the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE service outages that has extended into Saturday night. Bungie is addressing a lack of access to Xûr by extending his visit to Destiny this weekend only.

Bungie Community Manager David “Deej” Dague revealed that the developer has responded to the PSN and Xbox LIVE outages. Destiny players have understandably been worried about not being able to acquire any exotic goods or upgrading their existing, especially since this is the first week that the coveted Gjallarhorn is available to upgrade.

We understand that Xûr has been hard to reach for a lot of you this weekend, so we’re going to extend his stay. Our current plan is to allow him to remain in the Tower with his current inventory until Monday night at 10pm PST, just before the weekly reset. We’ll also keep an eye on the overall situation, and prolong the extension, as needed, for as long as is feasible.

Next week, Xûr will return to his regular schedule, with refreshed inventory.

Thank you for your patience!

You can check out what Xûr is offering for sale and to upgrade in the weekly Xûr article I post for Inquisitr. Bungie’s move to extend the vendor’s time in the tower was largely met with thanks among Destiny players on the game’s sub-Reddit and on Twitter.

Reddit user INTR_ACCT added, “Thanks for taking time to reach out to us even during the holidays. Even though I know everyone is ranting about how you ‘owe it to us,’ the truth is you don’t. I don’t check my work emails on the holidays/vacation. I wouldn’t expect you to either.”

While DE4THINC4N4TE wrote, “This will help a lot of people, myself included. Please give my thanks to the people who made the decision.”

What do you think of Bungie’s decision to extend Xûr’s time in Destiny‘s tower? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Bungie]