World War 3: Iran’s New ‘Suicide Drones’ Could Be A Game Changer For Middle East

As part of its large-scale ongoing six-day military drill that began last Thursday, the Iranian army held tests on Saturday unveiling a new weapon in their arsenal: “suicide drones.”

Being that Iran is a fiercely Islamist country — as it has been for many years now, pursuing its questionable nuclear program which has come under much world scrutiny — the idea of the country having advanced suicide drones could be a game changer and possibly even lead to World War 3.

In the last few days, Iran’s air force demonstrated the domestically-produced exploding drone, meant to strike targets on land, air, and sea. The drone would prove a formidable tool, especially for the Israelis.

Brig. Gen. Ahmad Reza Pourdastan, commander of Iran’s land forces, explained to reporters that the drone was constructed to carry explosives, fly towards targets and crash into them, while exploding to cause maximal damage.

The large-scale drill speaks for itself, as it has been dubbed, “Mohammed the delegate of G-d,” by the Iranians, and includes ground, air, and naval forces. It also includes tests of Iranian ballistic missiles.

Yahoo! News reported that a total of 13,000 Iranian soldiers have been called up to take part in the six-day drill, and it marks the first time the Iranian navy is conducting a drill so far offshore.

As well as a message to the Israelis and America, the current drill is widely considered to be a strong message to Iran’s Shi’ite allies in Yemen, the Houthis, who have succeeded in making serious gains in Yemen after capturing the capital of Sana’a in addition to other cities, most notably the port city of Al-Hudaydah.

While the wide-scale Iranian drill is worrying for many in the west, as well as in the Middle East, the Iranians know they would be foolish to take on the might of Israel, the strongest army by far in the region, and won’t be looking for any sort of conflict just now with the Jewish State.