Negative Witness Videos For Dustin Diamond ‘Screech’ Stabbing [Updates]

Tragedy has befallen Dustin Diamond — better known as the actor who played Screech on Saved By the Bell. Dustin Diamond was arrested on Christmas Day in his Port Washington, Wisconsin community for being involved in an act of aggression that included a knife. Unfortunately, new videos from witnesses to the Dustin Diamond alleged stabbing incident are not positive. Currently, Dustin Diamond is pleading self-defense in the matter, according to a video by Milwaukee’s Today WTMJ 4 News.

Late at night on Christmas Day at the Port Washington Grand Avenue Saloon, WDJT CBS 58 News reports that Dustin Diamond and his girlfriend Amanda Schutz were having drinks when a fight broke out. In a video interview about the night in question by WDJT CBS 58 News, one witness says, “I ran over there to break up the fight and someone yelled out, ‘he’s got a knife’.”

The witness goes on to say that Dustin Diamond’s girlfriend Amanda Schutz started fighting with another woman, and “she [Schutz] was getting upset about some pictures being taken or something like that. And the other woman took exception to it and took a swing at her.”

Dustin Diamond AKA Screech, was arrested in Wisconsin for stabbing a bar patron at the Grand Avenue Saloon.

However, there is some controversy about whether or not Dustin Diamond was simply defending his girlfriend because there is disagreement over who exactly started the fight.

WDJT CBS 58 News continues their interview with witnesses in the Dustin Diamond stabbing with the owner of the Grand Avenue Saloon, Randy Buser.

Buser said, “His girlfriend or wife or whoever he was with, got up and choked another patron and that is what started the incident. Screech ended up getting out a knife, I think to scare everyone off a little bit, and left the scene shortly thereafter.”

Randy Buser also told WITI Fox News 6 that the Dustin Diamond incident, “was not that eventful to be perfectly honest.” Buser continues by saying, “he ended up pulling out the knife and put it back in his pocket … I don’t think anyone was afraid of him.”

According to a criminal complaint described by Milwaukee’s Today WTMJ 4 News, Dustin Diamond says there was a group of people threatening his girlfriend by grabbing her hair, and he ran over to defend her. At first, NBC News reports that Dustin Diamond told police that he had a pen, but retracted when they found a four-inch knife blade in his car.

On December 27, WISN ABC News 2 posted a video where witnesses say that Dustin Diamond was caught up in a crowd, and a man got cut or stabbed in the scuffle. WISN ABC News 2 reporters state that the man that was allegedly stabbed had a one to two-inch cut below his armpit.

WDJT CBS 58 News tried to interview Schutz on December 26 outside of the Okauzee County jail where Dustin Diamond was being housed, but she did not want to talk to reporters.

Josh Plier, a local resident of Dustin Diamond’s community, had negative comments about Diamond’s reputation and said to WDJT CBS 58 News, “Everything I’ve heard about him is not positive … he’s kind of a jerk to everyone and thinks he is on top of the world because he was on some show in the 1990s.”

WITI Fox News 6 concludes with the charges that Dustin Diamond faces four charges including one felony of second-degree reckless endangerment charge and two misdemeanors including carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct/use of a dangerous weapon that add up to 10 years in jail. Before this incident, Dustin Diamond had never been arrested.

Reuters reports that Dustin Diamond’s next court appearance will be December 29. If someone pays his $10,000 bond, according to WDJT CBS 58 News, the judge says he must steer clear of bars, taverns, and other drinking establishments. As of December 27, no one had come to Dustin Diamond’s aid to pay the bail.

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