WWE News: Why WWE Doesn’t View Dean Ambrose As A Future Top Guy

It seems like an easy concept: If a guy is showing top guy potential, make him the top guy. Sadly, in WWE, that is not always as easy as it seems. This is why that despite his terrific work since going into singles competition, WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose may never be WWE’s next top guy.

According to Daily Wrestling News, despite his great in-ring ability, wonderful character, and terrific mic work… WWE does not think of Ambrose as a future “top guy.” They could see him as a main eventer, but never the face of the company. He simply doesn’t fit into WWE’s mold of what they want their top guy to be.

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns fits in every way. He is marketable, large, and has a good look. He also does relatively good numbers in merchandise. Interestingly, fans seem to take more to Ambrose than Reigns. This is why Ambrose led all merchandise sales on Thanksgiving with his “Unstable” hoodie.

WWE realizes how good Ambrose is, but they do not feel he’ll ever fit their standard for the top guy status over Reigns. Vince McMahon likes a certain type, while Triple H thinks a bit differently. It is said that guys like Seth Rollins are the ideal people Triple H would like to push. Dolph Ziggler’s push currently is considered a Triple H idea. Of course, all of NXT material is supervised by Trips as well.

It is thought that the bigger guys have not gotten major pushes in some time due to some change of the guard in WWE, which is something many fans were enjoying. Reigns is certainly a bit different than the guys before him. He is a bit more athletic than most guys WWE has considered in the past, such as John Cena and even Triple H. However, he is big enough to fit the ideal mold of what WWE wants. He does have similar hate to Cena, in that people think he only has a few moves.

Unlike Cena, Reigns is not great with promos yet. This was something that he could hide in The Shield, as he spoke rarely while Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins did most of the talking. WWE has various people who could be considered top guys right now, but Reigns is simply the guy WWE wants to push. However, there has been some rethinking, which could continue depending on how well Reigns does leading into the Royal Rumble PPV.

Dean Ambrose gets major pops everywhere WWE goes, and his merchandise sales are very good. Plus he does well with every program he is in, and with everyone he faces. The only thing that he lacks is size, which is literally the only thing holding him back it seems. Ultimately, that probably will not set with WWE fans. So do not be surprised if there is a movement similar to Daniel Bryan’s last year with Dean Ambrose this year.

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