Justin Bieber’s Contract With The Adidas NEO Label Has Come To An End

The Adidas NEO label announced today that Justin Bieber is no longer one of their brand ambassadors, following two years of the superstar working with the sportswear giant.

In three tweets posted at the label’s official Twitter account on Saturday, December 27, Adidas NEO expressed their thanks to “Justin Bieber for being part of the NEO family.”

Further text added, “The last two years have been a wonderful ride with so many amazing memories… As for next year, we are making it all about you, our NEOlovers. Tons of new thing coming your way! Make sure you stay tuned…”

We would like to say a massive thank you to Justin Bieber for being part of the NEO family. pic.twitter.com/hq7K5PQGVS

— adidas NEO Label (@adidasNEOLabel) December 27, 2014

The second and third tweets reiterated Bieber’s two-year stint and linked brief playbacks of the 20-year-old’s photoshoots spanning his 2012-2014 fashion campaigns for the label.

Looking back on awesome times. Two years of NEO and @justinbieber. https://t.co/12itRImUDz

— adidas NEO Label (@adidasNEOLabel) December 27, 2014

What a ride with some amazing memories! Thanks @justinbieber and all you #NEOlovers. https://t.co/XzdnOvDuOt

— adidas NEO Label (@adidasNEOLabel) December 27, 2014

A fourth tweet revealed a competition and accompanying YouTube video starring a pre-platinum blonde Bieber, with a 24-hour window for his fans to win a “NEOlieber” T-shirt by submitting their names to Adidas. Text at the upload reads [in part]:

“Head over to our Twitter page for your chance to win one of the NEOlieber tees. Once they are gone, they are never coming back! #NEOlieberswag”

We’ve got a NEO & @justinbieber competition you won’t want to miss! Check back in 24 hours to win. #NEOlieberswag http://t.co/iRQ4o4e7eR

— adidas NEO Label (@adidasNEOLabel) December 27, 2014

No explanation is given by Adidas NEO for what is either a mutual decision by Bieber’s camp and the label not to renew the star’s contract, or a unilateral move by either party.

The label tweeted a longer, “Best of Justin Bieber & adidas NEO” video on December 30.

Big shout out to you @justinbieber. These last two years have been special. Thanks Justin, our love for you is real. http://t.co/IXZqB3I91W

— adidas NEO Label (@adidasNEOLabel) December 30, 2014

Speculation will likely spark that the label has parted ways as a result of the Canadian’s ongoing lawsuits and image shift following various exploits. Over-documented and — at times — deliberately misreported or invented tabloid media reporting plays a part in that picture.

However, it’s also just as possible that Bieber and his camp are simply clearing the decks ahead of the singer stepping back into his music career in 2015 after a year’s break.

Following the hitmaker’s on-the-spot comment at a recent event that next year will be his “great next chapter,” on Saturday Justin tweeted and Instagrammed a statement intimating that he and his team have a [needed] strategy in place.

“My break is for a reason. U will soon see ) thank u for your patience,” the singer wrote.

To which, his manager Scooter Braun, replied, “ready )”

Justin Bieber

To recap: As of today, Bieber and Adidas NEO’s relationship is no more.

Which means no more virtual scavenger hunts for sneakers, smoldering in yellow tanks, playing drums with glitter, or jumping down flights of stairs for no apparent reason.

Justin Bieber Adidas NEO
(Photo: Justin Bieber modelling the 2013 Spring/Summer Adidas NEO Campaign)

After the considerably less tattooed singer was revealed as a brand ambassador back in 2012 — as is his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez — the heartthrob went on to star in the 2012 Find My Gold Shoes campaign, the Spring/Summer 2013, the Fall/Winter 2013, the Spring/Summer 2014, Fall/Winter Campaign 2013, the Swap It Out (Behind The Scenes) 2014 photoshoot, the #NEOBieberMix videos, and the latest T-shirt competition.

It’s been a well-executed run by Bieber and Adidas NEO and it’s a shame it’s come to an end, although Justin hinted at a possible return when he replied to Adidas’s later, lengthier “Best of” tweet with a thank you and “more to come.”

We hope so. Until then, here is some of the Blue Steelness along the way.

[Images via Adidas NEO]