Feds Ask Science Journals Not To Share New Process For Spreading Bird Flu

The Federal government on Tuesday asked that the journals Science and Nature refrain from publishing parts of a new research study that makes it easier to transfer the avian bird flu and other flu strains.

Currently only testing in ferrets researchers for the U.S. Government fear that it could theoretically apply to people and they warn that bioterrorists could use the information if published in full to start a bioterrorist attack.

The research was completed by teams in the US and the Netherlands.

The National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity stepped forward to ask the journals if they would redact part of the research that could be used in the attacks. In raising their concern one board member told The Times:

“My concern is that we don’t give amateurs—or terrorists—information that might let them do something that could really cause a lot of harm.”

Responding to the request the editor of Science says the magazine will most likely comply with the request which wasn’t handed down as a strong arm maneuver. The editor from Nature had not responded to the federal governments request at the time of this articles posting.

Do you think the magazine should refrain from publishing major parts of the research project that could potentially lead to bioterrorist attacks?