Lana Del Rey Gifts ‘Big Eyes’ Song As Christmas Present To Her Fans

Lana Del Rey’s fans got a special Christmas present this year. The songstress gave her song, “Big Eyes,” away as a special gift to her fans. Lana’s song is featured in Tim Burton’s film of the same name.

Del Rey’s new song was made available for free on both Yahoo! and Google Play, according to Digital Spy. The deal only lasted until midnight ET on Dec. 24. Del Rey reportedly wanted to give away the song as a special gift to her fans, as a thanks for their support.

Lana recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about her music for the film. She said that she wanted to give “Big Eyes” away as an early Christmas present. What a great time for Lana Del Rey fans.

“I’m beyond excited and grateful that my fans have such a cool, unique opportunity to listen to ‘Big Eyes’ for free just in time for the holidays. What a phenomenal thing that Yahoo!, Google Play and The Weinstein Company have joined together to make this happen and give audiences the gift of music.”

Tim Burton chose Del Rey to co-write and sing the title track for his upcoming film. The director said he chose the YouTube born singer because her song gave him the “chills.”

It’s weird to think that anything would creep out this director. Burton is best known for his films like Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride. But somehow Lana Del Rey would fit into that realm of creepiness.

Lana covered the song “Once Upon A Dream” for the Maleficent soundtrack. She made the song seem dark and eerie. So it would only make sense that Lana would do a creepy song for Big Eyes.

Burton recently spoke to MTV News about Del Rey’s music. He appears to be a big fan.

“I just love her voice. She’s got the kind of timeless quality… I find her voice very truthful and deep.”

Del Rey contributed not one, but two songs for the soundtrack of the film. She also wrote the song “I Can Fly.” This song was recently nominated for a Golden Globe.

MTV reviewed the “Big Eyes” song before it was released online:

“Del Rey’s jam, a whispery track that warns of ‘big lies,’ perfectly encapsulates the plot of the film — starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. The flick tells the true-life tale of husband and wife Margaret and Walter Keane: a.k.a. the folks responsible for those terrifying and iconic paintings of big-eyed children. Margaret painted the pictures, while Walter took credit. Now you see where the ‘lies’ come in.”

Big Eyes opened on Christmas Day (Dec. 25) across select theaters in the U.S. and on Friday (Dec. 26) in the U.K.

According to a recent Inquisitr post, Lana Del Rey is already in the writing process for her third studio album. This will be the follow up to her successful sophomore album, Ultraviolence. With successful albums and big name soundtracks, Lana Del Rey is no longer considered an indie artist anymore.

[Image from NRK P3 on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons]