Fake Army Soldier Busted Impersonating Veteran For Cheap Starbucks

A man in a Californian airport wearing an Army uniform was confronted by a real veteran after he spotted numerous errors with his attire.

Christian Parmer, who worked as an Army combat engineer, confirmed that the incident took place at the Fresno Yosemite International Airport on Monday.

He decided to document his confrontation on his phone and he has since uploaded the footage to YouTube. You can watch it transpire below.

Christian Parmer uploaded the clip via his account, Randumbly Ripped, on December 22, 2014, and it has already started to go viral.

He also wrote out the description, “U.S. Army Combat Engineer confront a valor thief at the Fresno Airport. Police questioned the man and asked him to leave. He may have also used the uniform to get a discount as well.”

The aforementioned discount was received at Starbucks as the man can be seen holding a cup in the clip. An employee from the Starbucks at the airport confirmed he had received the 20 percent military discount.

Palmer also talked to KMPH-TV about why he first began to suspect that there was something amiss with the fake soldier.

“He’s wearing his hat indoors, which we don’t. He’s got a Confederate flag on his shoulder, which we don’t wear of course.”

Alongside airport police, Parmer walked up to the unknown man and asked him where he worked when he was a part of the army. At one point he stated that he was part of “EOD,” which is the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team, and he then pointed to an armband that possessed these initials.

Parmer then decided to confront the individual over his knowledge in this field.

“If you’re EOD, then what’s the RE-factor of C4? You just said you were in EOD,” Parmer asked him.

However the man simply remained in stony silence before then changing his story.

“I did not say I was in EOD,” he insisted, “I said I was in DOD [the U.S. Department of Defense].”

He continued to change his story by explaining that the uniform actually belonged to his stepson before adding that he was a former Marine. However after he was probed even further by Parmer he refused to confirm what his military occupational specialty was.

“I had nothing else that was clean. I have no other clothes that are here right now. I’ve been here only for four days. It’s my stepson’s Army uniform. It’s all he had. He’s not here right not,” he tried to explain.

He was subsequently led out of the building by airport police as he had run afoul of the Stolen Valor Act, which means that it is illegal to wear or impersonate a member of the armed forces.

[Image via YouTube]