Iggy Azalea Receives Diamond Heart-Shaped Necklace From Nick Young For Christmas

Iggy Azalea and her baller boyfriend Nick Young appear to be very serious. The Australian rapper received a "Fancy" Christmas present from her man on Dec. 25. Iggy received a diamond heart-shaped necklace, which appears to be a symbol of her boyfriend's love.

Azalea, 24, gave Young, 29, an extraordinary Christmas present this year. According to Hollywood Life, Iggy gave her rumored boyfriend a classic car. He reciprocated the favor by giving her a diamond necklace in the shape of a heart. It looks like things are heating up between Azalea and Young.

The L.A. Lakers player sent the gift to Iggy. She shared a photo of her luxurious gift on her Instagram account. She thanked her boyfriend and said, "I love you infinitely." Azalea also referred to Young as "Swaggy P" on the photo.


This news came on the heels of Iggy's unbelievable gift to her Laker boyfriend. She purchased her beau a blue Chevrolet Impala, complete with a big red bow. It's rumored that Azalea's boyfriend was "floored" by the gift. He was so floored that he knew he had to buy something for his rapping princess.

Young snapped a photo of his amazing car on Instagram. He was obviously ecstatic about his gift.

"My boo so dope!!!!! @thenewclassic thanks for the Christmas gift #LoveYou You Go Girl!!!! WestSide."
Both Young and Azalea have been seen in the classic car since. The young couple were seen taking the car for a spin in Los Angeles on Tuesday earlier this week, according to The Daily Mail. Cars similar to Young's Chevy Impala could retail between $30,000 and $200,000.


Nick wanted to get something special for Iggy. He wanted to shower his very special girlfriend with diamonds. After all, diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Iggy and Nick have been getting serious these past few months. According to several reports, the couple recently moved in together. Azalea and Young purchased Selena Gomez's old home back in November.

Azalea and Young have been dating since November, 2013. Rumors of their relationship swirled when Young posted a photo of Azalea as his woman Crush Wednesday on Twitter.

"#WCW would have to be iggy azalea" — Nick Young (@NickSwagyPYoung) September 11, 2013
That obviously got Azalea's attention, and landed himself a date with Azalea. The two have been inseparable since.

Iggy has been going through some controversy over the past few weeks. She's been under attack from fellow rapper Azealia Banks, who accused her of cultural appropriation and not caring about "black issues" despite her own success with the hip hop scene.

T.I and Q-Tip have tweeted their support for Azalea since the controversy. Even Charli XCX defended the pop singer, saying, "she could do whatever she wants." Azalea herself has been tight-lipped on the issue. She wrote a series of tweets asking people to focus on other things rather than the big picture.

Now it seems like Iggy will have other things on her mind now. Other than planning for her supposed arena tour, she could be planning a wedding someday soon. Could an engagement ring be on the way for Iggy and Nick?

[Image Laura Murray on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons]