Doctor Removes Pen From Patients Stomach, Still Works After 25 Years

James Johnson

25 years ago a woman in Britain swallowed a pen and then left it enlodged in her stomach where it stayed until this week when doctors removed the pen and to their amazement it was still full of ink and in working condition.

The patient had been using the pen to examine her tonsils in a mirror when she fell over and swallowed it, at the time her doctors didn't believe she could so easily swallow a pen and dismissed her claims reports the Daily Mail.

The senior citizen went into the doctors office recently because of digestive issues and she told them about the pen. After some investigating they realized the patient really had swallowed a pen and they decided to remove the object in case it had damaged her stomach lining.

It turns out her stomach issues were unrelated and healed on there own, in the meantime one of the doctors told his colleagues in a British medical journal:

"Occasionally it may be worth believing the patient’s account, however unlikely it may be."

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