‘Hawaii Five-0’ Spoilers: A ‘Surfer/Confidential Informant,’ A Warlord, And A Stakeout

If you’re eager for some scoop on what’s coming up on Hawaii Five-0 when the series returns in 2015, there are a few new guest stars, a stakeout, and consequences for one team member to look forward to.

This has been quite the season of guest stars on Hawaii Five-0 already, as the Inquisitr previously reported that Frankie Valli guest starred as Aunt Deb’s husband, as the two married at the end of the episode. Watch the wedding below.

Upcoming guest stars include The Sopranos’ Michael Imperioli, Captain Phillips’ Barkhad Abdi, and Cloris Leachman.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Imperioli will be appearing “in at least two episodes” as Odell Martin, “a sort of fun ex-New York transplant who’s become a surfer/confidential informant,” according to executive producer Peter Lenkov. Odell employs ex-cons at his old-school barbershop, and keeps “his ear to the ground and is on friendly terms with many powerful underworld figures.” He first appears in Episode 14.

In another report, EW revealed that Abdi will be playing “Roko Contee, a Congolese warlord who, at one time, was the most wanted man in the world” in Episode 15. He “allegedly” died during a Zaire Air Force bombing, but the Hawaii Five-0 team finds out that he has actually been working as a taxi driver. Lenkov explained that this character is one right out of the news.

“He plays Kony, that African warlord who was in the news a few years ago. He plays a character like that hiding on the island here, and somebody discovers that he’s here. And our guys end up confronting him. It’s a big, big episode. We were so lucky to get him, and we wrote it with him in mind. We were able to get him to the island and that was a big coup for us.”

The last bit of casting news from EW addresses Leachman’s character, and Lenkov has explained that her character crosses paths with the team when McGarrett and Danny are on a stakeout.

“We have a great episode where McGarrett and Danny are on a long-term stake out. They move into this apartment together and Cloris Leachman is a nosy neighbor who keeps popping by. When she finds out they’re cops, she wants them to help her investigate the person stealing her fern.”

If you enjoyed seeing McGarrett and Danny in therapy on Hawaii Five-0, you’re in luck because “being cooped up in a house together will cause some drama” will lead to them going back.

Other guest stars coming up include Eric Roberts and William Forsythe, as revealed in the promo CBS has released for the show’s January return.

Elsewhere, TV Guide has named both the old and new Hawaii Five-0 series as ones to binge-watch on CBS All Access over the holiday season. CBS All Access is a service you can subscribe to and watch full seasons of 15 current CBS shows, previous seasons of eight current shows and over 5,000 episodes of classic series without ads.

The last bit of news that fans of the CBS procedural drama series should know is that Lenkov told TV Guide that an upcoming episode will address Danny killing his brother’s murderer.

“There’s going to be a price to pay for what [Danny] did. The same with Chin Ho borrowing the money from Gabriel – that’s going to come to a head also.”

The same episode is going to see McGarrett finding out more about his mother, and it “will launch into a bigger story with him finally finding her and coming to terms with what happened [with Wo Fat].” The 100th episode saw the two face off, and it ended with McGarrett killing Wo Fat. Watch that scene below.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 returns Friday, January 2 at 9 p.m. on CBS.

[Image via CBS]