Road Rage: Bus Driver Gets Revenge On Aggressive Driver Who Assaulted Him [Video]

Road rage has caused some of the worst traffic accidents ever. In most cases, aggressive drivers are so angry that they don’t think about the consequences of the actions which can possibly lead to unnecessary fatalities. However, one aggressive driver will probably think twice about assaulting another driver due to his recent run-in with a bus driver.

According to Buzzfeed, a Chilean bus driver was recently involved in a road rage debacle with an aggressive driver. The nearly one-minute video shows just how much can happen in a matter of 60 seconds. Apparently, the aggressive driver cut the bus off. The video starts off with the bus driver embroiled in a heated verbal altercation with the alleged road rage driver.

Things quickly escalate, when the road rage driver can be seen hitting the bus window repeatedly. In a matter of seconds, he completely shatters the side window of the bus. It’s obvious that the seemingly patient bus driver had reached his breaking point.

Instead of continuing the verbal altercation, the bus driver takes off and rams directly into the road rage driver’s car. The bus nearly turned the car so far it almost collided with a fire hydrant on the side of the street. The car ended up on the side walk, and the bus driver can be seen speeding off without so much of a backwards glance. Of course, the driver was quite shocked and appalled by the bus driver’s actions.

The jaw-dropping footage surfaced online December 24 on Ebaums World. Most viewers who have seen the shocking video have had mixed opinions about the road rage debacle. While most feel the road rage driver got what he deserved, some feel the bus driver could have handled the situation differently.

Was the bus driver wrong for retaliating with his own form of road rage? Share your thoughts.

[Image via YouTube]