Jessa Seewald Pregnant: '19 Kids And Counting' Star Expecting Another Duggar Baby In 2015, Sources Say

Nathan Francis

Jessa Seewald may not be pregnant yet, but the 19 Kids and Counting star is reportedly hoping to add to the growing Duggar clan with a baby of her own in 2015.

Jessa married Ben Seewald in early November, and almost immediately the rumors started that she could be pregnant. Her sister, Jill Duggar, got pregnant within weeks of her wedding to Derrick Dillard, leading to speculation that Jessa would follow a similar path.

Now the rumors are growing even more, with reports that Jessa is set on getting pregnant and having her first baby in 2015.

There is a chance that Jessa Duggar could already be pregnant. A source close to the Duggar family said the 19 Kids and Counting star was planning to start trying for a baby from the moment she got married.

"They look at sex as a 'present' from God and they couldn't wait to 'open it' on their wedding day. I wouldn't be surprised if Jessa were pregnant already," the insider told In Touch Weekly.

Whatever the future may hold, it is clear that Jessa is head over heels in love with husband Ben. Since putting off hand holding until after they got married --- and even forgoing the traditional kiss at the end of the wedding ceremony so they could do it in private --- Jessa has shared a lot of pictures of herself and Ben kissing or embracing.

Jessa also reposted an inspirational message first shared by her husband.

"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness," Jill shared on Instagram last week, quoting 2 Timothy 4:16.

There are other signs that Jessa Seewald could be pregnant very soon. In talking about her marriage last month, Jessa said she and Ben are "thrilled to see what the future holds," which many took to mean having kids in the near future.