Boxing Day Weather Bomb To Drop On UK

Those in the UK disappointed by warmth and sunshine instead of a white Christmas won’t have to wait long for the snow and cold. According to the Daily Mail, a so-called weather ‘bomb,’ or rapid cyclogenesis as it is known in technical terms, will bring snow and gale force winds to vast swathes of Britain.

Yesterday felt like a mild spring day in many parts of the country and daffodils were spotted shooting up in Stoke Park in Guildford as families enjoyed a pre-lunch walk in the sunshine.

Swimmers taking part in the annual Peter Pan Cup race in the Serpentine in central London were able to enjoy slightly less icy water than usual reports the Daily Mail.

The Telegraph reported The Met office has upgraded its cold weather alert to Level 3 amber, the second highest, saying there was a 90 percent chance of severe cold, ice or snow in parts of England between this afternoon and New Year’s Eve. Temperatures could also drop as low as -10C (14F) in some places at the start of next week.

A spokeswoman said, ”Some significant snow accumulations are possible, especially on higher ground. Strong winds will develop in places for a time, exacerbating the chill.”

Millions are expected to hit the roads to visit relatives or to take advantage of Boxing Day sales. Reported sales were expected to be high, according to a recent Inquisitr report, but people were warned to keep up to date with forecasts.

“A lot of uncertainty surrounds how much snow will occur, but there is the risk of several centimeters even at low levels. As precipitation clears, roads could turn very icy. The public should be aware of the potential for disruption from snow. Please watch for updates to this warning, especially if travelling.”

Bookmakers are offering odds of 5/4 that it will snow today. Forecasters are not sure which regions in the UK will experience snow, but high ground is set to see three or four inches. There will also be gusty 40mph winds bringing rain and sleet.

There has been localized flooding in some parts of the UK and the Environment Agency has nine flood alerts in place – three in the north east, four in the north west and one each in the south east and south west reports the Telegraph.

Residents in Windermere had an early taste of what is to come after they awoke yesterday to find Lake Windermere had broken its banks after days of rainfall, submerging large parts of the locality.

[Image via The Daily Mail]