Iggy Azalea Vs. Azealia Banks: Ja Rule Chooses Sides In Female Rapper Feud

The Iggy Azalea/Azalea Banks feud has captured hip-hop headlines the past few weeks. And now, longtime rapper Ja Rule has thrown in his two cents on the controversy.

“Music is very different these days,” Ja Rule tells the Boombox. “I think [Iggy Azalea] deserves [her Grammy nominations] because she had the No. 1 record for like 10 weeks… And when you look at the landscape of what’s out there as far as female MC’s, it’s not a lot. It’s basically her and Nicki Minaj and nothing else.”

Ja cited a similar scenario he was involved in years earlier as an example.

“I remember a while back in the ‘Pain Is Love’ days, I was nominated for about three or four Grammys and Charlie Baltimore was nominated in one of the categories and didn’t even have an album out. That was just a testament to how hot Murda Inc. was.”

Iggy Azalea, meanwhile, can definitely be considered the hottest female rapper out there today.

The feud between Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks began when Azealia went on Hot 97’s morning show and slammed the Aussie rapper, as reported by the Inquisitr.

“I feel like, in this country, whenever it comes to our things, like black issues or black politics or black music or whatever, there’s always this undercurrent of kinda like a ‘(Expletive) you… Y’all don’t really own (expletive). Y’all don’t have (expletive).’ That Macklemore album wasn’t better than the Drake record. That Iggy Azalea (expletive) isn’t better than any (expletive) black girl that’s rapping today.”

Since then, the feud had escalated via Twitter with Iggy firing back at Banks, calling her a “bigot.” It then took a weird twist when a user claiming to be a member of the Hacktivist group Anonymous actually chimed in, threatening to release an Azalea sex tape online if the rapper didn’t apologize to Banks for her remarks. (Anonymous has denounced claims it came from their organization, and the account has since been disabled on Twitter.)

Iggy Azalea, meanwhile, already appears over the whole thing, instead focusing on her long-term relationship with Nick Young. According to E! Online, Azalea gave her man a cobalt-blue Chevrolet convertible with a massive red bow on it, which he posted to his Instagram account with the caption “Feeling like Westside connection lol.” Young in turn lavished Iggy with a diamond heart pendant, which she quickly posted to Instagram. She captioned the pic, “@swaggyp1 I love you infinitely.”