Barney Frank’s Shirt Reveals a Tad Too Much About the Congressman

It must have been a tid bit nipply on the floor of the House yesterday, as Barney Frank’s shirt did little to hide his… well, man boobs.

Frank has never been known for his dapper appearance. Uncombed hair, a sloppy tie, and an unbuttoned top button are common staples of Frank’s congressional appearance but now that he’s announced his retirement, it looks like he’s completely given up on trying to impress the public.

Mediate reports that Frank has a cast on his left hand so he opted not to put his arm through the sleeve of his jacket. This created the cape like effect in the photo and revealed two pointy Barney Frank nipples.

Frank was talking about the FDIC and recent bank failures, but everyone else was talking about his near see-thru shirt. You can see the video of Frank’s speech below.

Has Barney Frank given up on his appearance?