‘The Voice’ Winner Makes Hot 100 Chart, But Guess Which Contestant Outranks Him?

The Voice wrapped up its seventh season a couple of weeks ago with a star-studded finale. Many of those guest singers are currently trending on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. As of now, all four finalists on The Voice have joined them.

Craig Wayne Boyd, who won The Voice, is off to a great start. His single, “My Baby’s Got A Smile On Her Face,” is currently sitting in the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles chart.

Adding to the impressive achievement is the fact that the Voice winner is only the second country music act to debut on the chart at number one. Previously, only Garth Brooks managed to do this with “More Than a Memory” in 2007.

Boyd has also made his debut on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart. This former Voice contestant officially bowed in at #34.

Interestingly enough, Craig is not the only contestant from The Voice to debut on the Hot 100 chart this week. At #74 is Voice contestant Damien Lawson with his solo effort “Soldier.” Damien’s fellow Team Adam member Chris Jamison is currently sitting at #54 with “Velvet.”

Although Voice winner Boyd made the Top 40, only one other Voice contestant managed to crack Billboard’s Top 20.

The Voice finalist Matt McAndrew made his debut on the Hot 100 chart at #13 with “Wasted Love”.

Apparently, this is the best a Voice contestant has ever done on the Billboard chart. The continued dominant showing by a non-winning Voice finalist may only fan the flames of skepticism about the organic nature of how winners are chosen on the NBC series.

Both McAndrew and teammate Jamison feature again in the list with duets sung with Voice coach Adam Levine: “Lost Stars” at #83 and “Lost Without U” at #63, respectively.

All debates and tinfoil hatters aside, this post-Voice finale turn of events seems to signal that the seventh season did indeed possess a very strong group of finalists.

There’s no question that these young men all have the potential to make popular music. If they didn’t, their original Voice songs would have each missed the top of Billboard’s chart by some distance.

Hopefully, this will aid non-winning Voice finalists in their quest to negotiate lucrative record deals. These charting singles also may be the first real proof that fans of The Voice have been gifted that anyone from this season has a real chance at stardom.

Between the amazing feats achieved by both Voice winner Boyd and Voice finalist McAndrew, it seems like this season of The Voice might reveal itself to have the most break-out stars within its ranks.

[Image Credit: The Voice Official Twitter]