Could Zayn Malik Quit One Direction At The End Of 2015?

Fame and being constantly in the media spotlight has not always come easily to Zayn Malik. When you are one fifth of One Direction, the biggest ‘boy band’ on the planet escaping the spotlight does not come easily. Zayn and his band mates, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne are rarely out of the spotlight, every move is scrutinized and privacy is hard to come by.

It has been widely reported that Zayn Malik finds the constant media pressure almost unbearable. Earlier today Unreality TV has highlighted ten occasions when Zayn has been absent from important and high profile One direction events. The online magazine claims that

“Zayn Malik is a bit of a lone wolf and over the last year he’s hit the headlines on various occasions for skipping out on his One Direction band mates. The highest profile event was of course the album launch in Orlando which he missed due to illness, though a whole furore broke out when one interviewer suggested to the band that he may be absent due to the side effects of drug abuse.”

The rumors that Malik is finding it difficult to cope with fame seem to have increased since Zayn and Louis Tomlinson were thrust into a storm of unwelcome publicity when a video of them allegedly smoking cannabis was leaked to the internet whilst the band were in Peru.

As well as missing the bands album launch Zayn was absent from the bands EMA awards acceptance speech, he missed rehearsals and even missed Louis Tomlinson’s mothers wedding in the summer.

Earlier this month ENI Network reported that Zayn is finding the group’s constant touring schedule particularly tough because it means being away from his loved ones for long periods of time.

“Zayn Malik has always been uncomfortable with the whole fame thing, whereas the others seem to take it in their stride. He’s started to feel really jaded by the endless travel and attention… “What he finds especially hard is being away from (fiance) Perrie. He is a family person and wants to spend time with her. But it is really hard when you’re in the biggest band in the world.”

As if the very real pressures of band life were not enough, Zayn Malik has a new issue to deal with today. On Christmas Eve the BBC broadcast an episode of the medical drama Casualty which featured a storyline in which an obsessed One Direction fan who wanted to behead Zayn’s fiance, Perrie Edwards with a rusty chainsaw. The Shields Gazette reports that the program has upset Perrie’s mother.

The bands hectic touring and appearance schedule has taken its toll on Zayn and his band mates this year with all of them being laid low through illness at one time or another. OK Magazine reported last month that Zayn and Little Mix star Perrie have even had to postpone their wedding as a result of the pressures of work.

Unreality TV suggests that when One Directions current contract with Simon Cowell’s SyCo group expires, around the end of 2015, Zayn Malik may think it time to go his own way.

[Image – Wattpad]