Codi James Antoniello Hair: Teenager’s Mugshot Amuses The Internet [Photo]

Codi James Antoniello and his admittedly strange hair recently captured the internet’s undivided attention for all the wrong reasons.

While a few troublemakers made the rounds on social media not too long ago thanks to their astonishing good looks — Jeremy Meeks immediately springs to mind — others are generating interest because their mugshots are flat-out bizarre. Such is the case of Codi Jame Antoniello and his curious hair, which were recently chronicled after the 19-year-old and his pal decided to break the law.

The Spreadit explains that Antoniello and his 16-year-old buddy were reportedly busted in Holland Charter Township, Michigan, after getting into an altercation with a girl. Later, police say the teenagers allegedly assaulted a 21-year-old man with a baseball bat and a pickax. As a result, the pair ended up spending some time behind bars.

That’s when this photo of Codie James Antoniello and his hair was officially snapped.

“Dude! Shave your head so you don’t match description…nevermind cops are here”

— Kuze (@kuze81) December 23, 2014

According to the folks over at Sport Act, the whole situation began when one of the teenagers started arguing with the 21-year-old’s girlfriend on Facebook. Instead of letting the situation end on social media, the problem escalated when the suspects decided to meet up with the victim in person.

“According to the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, two men entered a Howard Avenue residence at about 2:35 a.m. Wednesday and attacked the victim with a pickax and a baseball bat. His father called police and reported the altercation.”

Although Codi James Antoniello and the other suspect fled the scene after the assault, police eventually caught up with the pair and placed them under arrest. However, there’s still no word on how Antoniello’s hair ended up in such a sorry state.

Fortunately, the victim survived this vicious attack. While he was immediately taken to an area hospital for treatment, he’s reportedly in stable condition as of this writing. As for the suspects, police are charging them with first-degree home invasion and felonious assault. It’s unclear if either party has posted bail.

On the flipside, the Inquisitr reported earlier this year about the world’s so-called “sexiest crook.” Stephanie Beaudoin might cause a certain section of the world’s population to swoon, but the alluring criminal faced over 110 charges for her various crimes.

Codi James Antoniello and his hair are certainly worth a chuckle, but his assault of a 21-year-old man is definitely no laughing matter.

[Lead image via New York Daily News]