Sarah Palin Ruins Christmas, Hints At Presidential Run

Dear Santa: If you bring America anything this year, please make it the gift of Sarah Palin being distracted by something shiny and not following through with what seems to be hints about running for president.

Yes, Sarah Effing Palin. While America thought she was an embarrassing blip in the election of 2008’s footnotes, the former governor of the great state of Alaska has stuck her head back in to a- let’s face it, fairly woeful- stream of GOP candidates to flirt with the Republican base a bit. While Palin running has yet to be a concern for the demographic of Americans with brains, the fractured GOP field of candidates seems to be drawing the attention-whoring tendencies of Palin and her lovable band of oddly-named children to the fray.

Appearing on Fox’s Business Network’s “Following the Money,” Palin Palin-esquely said that “it’s not too late for folks to run,” as the New York Times details on a blog. In her nudge nudge, wink wink way, Palin definitely seemed to be hinting at ratcheting the crazy up to eleven in the GOP candidates pool:

Such “folks” remained unnamed. It was not clear whether Ms. Palin, the 2008 vice-presidential nominee and former governor of Alaska, was considering such a move.

“Who knows what will happen in the future?” she said.

After all, Palin says, she can’t just endorse anyone. That person has to be like, smart and stuff. The NYT quotes:

“You know, my endorsement is going to be with sincerity and enthusiasm,” she said, “and I’m just not there yet with the field as it stands.”

She said she was looking for a candidate “who understands the fiscal crisis” that America faces.

Do you think Sarah Palin has anything to add to the 2012 presidential race, or do you hope she stays on reality TV instead?