Samsung Rolls Out YouTube 3D Support For Smart TV Line

Earlier this year at IFA Samsung announced that their Smart TVs would soon receive support for YouTube videos in 3D and now that exclusive access (for the short term) has finally become a reality with the company rolling out YouTube 3D support.

Under YouTube’s current offerings Samsung Smart TV users will have access to more than 8000 videos shot in 3D and the company says they will be teaming up with YouTube to expand user options in the near future.

At this time it’s still unclear if Samsung plans to shoot various video clips in 3D or if they will convert old 2D YouTube clips into the 3D format in an attempt to grow out the 3D video brand.

At this time YouTube 3D videos can only be views in North America, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Samsung Smart TV users can gain support for the new YouTube 3D feature via a free update available through the company’s Smart TV app portal.

Would you like to watch YouTube videos in the 3D format from your TV?