WWE News: AJ Lee Out With Injury, Backstage Update On Her WWE Future

AJ Lee is arguably the most-popular diva in the WWE. She’s a multiple-time WWE Diva’s champion and continues to get better in the ring and on the microphone. It’s very hard to forget about her heel promo from over a year ago that buried the entire Diva’s division. Lee must’ve taken lessons from her husband, CM Punk.

Lee is, without a doubt, one of the best female wrestlers the WWE has ever had. She belongs with Trish Stratus, Lita, Mickie James and Chyna as the top woman in WWE history. Her skills do the talking for her, even though Lee’s microphone skills are top-notch in the Diva’s division.

Since CM Punk left the company in January of 2014, her future with the WWE continues to be in question. Her departure is rumored after nearly every pay-per-view, especially following the TLC pay-per-view a few weeks ago. Yet, even though it appears Lee will leave the WWE, she is back on Raw the next night.

New developments are coming in about Lee that might include foreshadowing on her WWE future. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lee is taking a leave of absence to heal from an injury and might not be back on WWE TV for quite some time.

“According to a source, AJ has been working hurt but continued to work through it so she could finish her feud with Nikki Bella. There were plans several weeks ago to run a major injury angle to write her off TV but those plans were scrapped.”

“Several sources within the company say emphatically that she will be back in 2015. She’s obviously in a weird position because they really can’t do anything to her, but it’s not like management would want to do anything big with her right now due to the CM Punk/UFC deal.”

The report also states that bad vibes do exist because of her marriage to CM Punk. Once source in that report brought up the fact that her “Diva of the Year” award speech wasn’t scripted and felt like an egotistical boost to herself and a jab at every other Diva on the roster except for Paige.

She will be linked to Punk for the rest of her tenure in WWE and beyond. The WWE must get over that fact because Punk isn’t an enemy anymore. Even though they are enforcing the “No CM Punk” policy, it isn’t like he’s trashing the business on a daily basis. It was a one-time podcast that will never happen again.

At any moment, AJ Lee could leave the WWE. Of course, it won’t be until her contracts ends, but she had another lengthy title reign and will feud with Nikki Bella when she returns from her injury. The WWE Universe can expect Lee to have the belt one more time before she hangs up the Converse boots for good.

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