Kevin Nash Suspended By WWE, Posts Tweet About 'The Last 24 Hours'

Jonathan Franks

Wrestler Kevin Nash has reportedly been suspended from the WWE due to the events surrounding his recent battery arrest.

TMZ reported on Thursday that Nash's current contract with the WWE is suspended.

The WWE released an official statement in regards to his suspension as well as key details about his contract.

"Kevin Nash has not regularly performed for WWE since January 2004. He is currently under a non-wrestling 'legends' contract which has been immediately suspended until this domestic dispute is resolved."

— Kevin Nash (@RealKevinNash) December 25, 2014

The statements given from within the family about what exactly happened seem to conflict with one another.

18-year-old Tristen stated that Kevin Nash scolded him about his girlfriend and for being drunk. According to Tristen, his 6'10", 328-pound father then threw him to the ground by his neck and pinned him down by laying across his chest.

Tristen told the deputy that he was not able to breathe while he was pinned down and temporarily blacked out.

However, that is not the report that Kevin Nash gave the deputy.

According to the man known by many WWE fans as "Diesel," Tristen was the one that started the fight by spitting on him and striking him with his elbow and shoulder. Kevin did admit that he wrestled his son to the ground, but stated that his sole purpose was to protect his wife from Tristen.

Tamara, Kevin Nash's wife, actually changed her story. She initially told police that she did not see the fight at all since she was upstairs when it happened. However, she later stated that Tristen was indeed the attacker after Kevin Nash was officially charged with domestic battery.

Michael J. Politis, the family's attorney, also blamed Tristen for the dispute in his own official statement.

"It's an unfortunate situation. They're a good family. I'm hoping the State Attorney's Office will receive my information and dismiss the charges. The kid was out of control, and the father was defending his wife. I'm pretty confident we will have a resolution in the next couple of months."

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