Katherine Waterston To Star In Steve Jobs Biopic

Katherine Waterston is not new to Hollywood. She’s the daughter of veteran actor Sam Waterston and, having gone into film herself, she is experienced, even if many aren’t yet familiar with Waterston’s face. Success has been slow in coming to Katherine and she partly blames her statuesque height for the difficulties she’s experienced in pursuing a career in acting. Standing at nearly 6 feet tall, Waterston told the Star that her height has limited her access to leading roles.

“I tend to lie about it in Hollywood, because there are so many short men in show business and it freaks people out. I try to kind of hunch up.”

Even Waterston has to admit all of that has changed with her recent role in Inherent Vice, a Paul Thomas Anderson film based on the novel of the same name by author Thomas Pynchon. Anderson had shown an interest in casting Katherine Waterston in an earlier film, The Master, but that prospect never materialized, so Waterston was naturally skeptical when Anderson contacted her in the hopes that she would be free to appear in Inherent Vice.

“I didn’t go out and dutifully read the book because I didn’t think the audition was going to come… Then I got a call that I had to go in and read for it the next day. I didn’t have time to prepare. Paul wasn’t giving out the script, so I read the first scene in the film completely cold with the casting director on tape in New York. A few weeks later, I made my way out to L.A.”

Waterston did get the part, which turned out to be a leading role that would also have her prominently featured on the film’s promotional posters. That role acted as a sort of springboard, bringing attention to Waterston and, more importantly, a new role as Chrisann Brennan in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic. Waterston will play the one-time girlfriend of Jobs. The two had dated early in Steve Jobs’ life and their romance had ended shortly after Brennan had become pregnant. Only after several years did Jobs finally admit that he was the father of Brennan’s child, Lisa Brennan-Jobs.

Titled Jobs, the film is based on the authorized biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Michael Fassbender will star in the title role, opposite Waterston, in the film written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle.

Waterston began her acting career with a role in the T.V. movie Americana in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2007 with her role in The Babysitters that Waterston’s star began to rise. UPI reports that Katherine Waterston has also appeared in Taking Woodstock and Being Flynn, as well as playing Emma Harrow on the made-for-cable series Boardwalk Empire.

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