Utah Man Eggnog: Man Hospitalized With Pneumonia After Chugging Eggnog At Party

A Utah man drank lots of eggnog, and wound up in the hospital. According to AOL News, Ryan Roche won an eggnog-chugging contest at his work holiday party, but ended up getting very sick afterward. In 12 seconds flat, Roche guzzled a quart of the popular holiday drink, beating the previous record of 22 seconds, and won the contest. However, just as Roche started to celebrate, he started to feel ill.

“I pretty much just opened up my throat and just poured it down. I didn’t take a single breath the entire time,” Roche said. Moments later, things got scary. “I couldn’t get air. I started clearing my airwaves, and I basically was aspirating eggnog,” explained Roche.

The Utah man’s eggnog chugging left him unable to do much of anything. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors treated him for double lung pneumonia, which he apparently came down with after what everyone thought was a little harmless holiday fun.

“I’m on oxygen. I’m on double IV. They have me hooked up to the nuclear weapon of antibiotics,” Roche said. It took him about 72 hours to start feeling like himself again. According to Fox News, doctors told Roche that he actually had eggnog in his lungs. Evidently he had inhaled it as he was chugging.

The Utah man was dry-drowning on eggnog which, as you can imagine, was quite serious. Aside from having trouble breathing, Roche was shaking, and was nauseous. After about a week Roche was feeling much better, and he’s happy to be able to celebrate Christmas with his family.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr,drinking tons of eggnog isn’t exactly healthy. The concoction is very high in sugar, and it’s very heavy. Most people have a small glass around the holidays, or enjoy some spiked with brandy, but other than that, drinking large quantities of eggnog isn’t really good. Most people like to have a taste, and then get full from the thickness alone.

“Non-alcoholic eggnog is mostly sugar and cream, plus some spices and preservatives (if it’s store-bought). A one-cup serving, according to Calorie King, is 344 calories. Mr. Roche chugged a quart; that is, four cups, or 1,376 calories,” reports the Inquisitr.

Of course, now people realize that eggnog chugging contests aren’t all they are cracked up to be, no matter how sweet the winning prize might be. Ryan Roche is lucky to have recovered from pneumonia, and to be home for the holidays.