‘The Interview’ Is A Glorified Lump Of Coal Passed Off As Holiday Miracle [Opinion]

There are events in human history that restore one’s faith in mankind….And then there’s The Interview and every single person associated with it.

From the inept leadership at Sony Pictures Entertainment to the politicians speaking out about why the release of The Interview is a victory for “free speech” to the people who will hand over money to see The Interview while congratulating themselves for their contribution to the war effort.

I would recommend lumps of coals in all of their stockings, but it seems a rather old-fashioned suggestion in 2014.

Instead, I guess a viewing of The Interview will suffice.

By practically all accounts (even Sony’s), The Interview is a piece of crap.

Oh, don’t be fooled by the “glowing” reviews on the recently hijacked IMDb page for The Interview. Apparently, some internet trolls are having fun at the expense of anyone naive enough to take their so-called reviews of The Interview seriously.

But I digress.

The point isn’t merely that I will never run out of things that you could spend money on this Christmas instead of The Interview.

The idea that anyone would willingly subject themselves to the cringe-worthy, racist mess of a movie that is The Interview in the name of the spirit of America is rather sad.

To those who have talked themselves into paying good money for a couple of hours of bad comedy that they will NEVER be able to get back, I strongly advise you to consider spending your dedication to freedom in a far more useful manner than seeing The Interview.

For example, you can donate money to the Polaris Project and other organizations dedicated to the end of human-trafficking, the child sex trade, and other ongoing acts of human exploitation and slavery.

I mean if you get warm and fuzzy just thinking about how watching The Interview will make you a champion for freedom, I can only imagine how elated you’d feel to put money into making a real difference and help end the bondage that human beings are experiencing as you read this.

Another idea of how you can put your love of free speech to good use? Speak up on behalf of the homeless. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or do something that gets you off the computer and out into the bright Christmas daylight to do something positive for someone in need.

Do you REALLY think Seth Rogan, James Franco, and the CEOs at Sony are going to be in financial straights if you neglect to sit at home and stream The Interview on YouTube? Probably not.

Of course, someone may come along that says “I do all of those things AND I’m still going to watch The Interview! Now what?”

Now what, you ask?

Well, exactly how did a viewing of The Interview do something other than line someone else’s pockets and leave the memory of a terrible movie burned into your brain forever?

Did The Interview make the down-trodden people of North Korea any freer?

Did The Interview bring about the actual death of Kim Jong Un? Did it put an end to decades of cruelty and depravity acted out by the current fearless leader of North Korea or his father or his grandfather?

Did watching The Interview make you any safer from hackers who can break into companies like Sony, steal all of that information and then sell it for gain?

You don’t have to answer any of those rhetorical questions because we all know what the answer is.

Hence, why you think that you’re rewarding yourself by watching The Interview when in fact you’ve been duped into coveting a glorified lump of coal.

You have been duped, my friend. Completely and utterly duped.

Do you intend to spend money to see The Interview and do you think that releasing The Interview is a victory for freedom and democracy?

[Image Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment]