Jerry Seinfeld Kills It With Rare Stand-Up Set — Watch Legendary Comic’s Hilarious Routine Right Here

Jerry Seinfeld returned to his roots Tuesday night, delivering what for the legendary comic is becoming an increasingly rare commodity — a stand-up comedy performance. Seinfeld’s five-minute routine, which was also a blistering and hilarious Seinfeldian attack on wasteful consumerism — just in time for the holiday season —came during Tuesday’s broadcast of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

If you missed the brilliant Jerry Seinfeld routine on Tuesday, you can watch the whole thing in the video above, courtesy of NBC.

“This is the problem, there’s too many things,” Seinfeld says in the routine, which consisted of all new material “You have things, I have things, holiday time, there’s going to be a lot more things. All things on Earth only exist in different stages of becoming garbage. Your home is a garbage processing center.”

The 60-year-old Jerry Seinfeld may also be the world’s richest comedian, thanks of course to his now-classic sitcom Seinfeld, which ran on NBC from 1991 until 1998. The show and its legacy have allowed Seinfeld to accrue an estimated net worth of about $800 million, a total that is constantly swelling thanks to the continued success of Seinfeld in syndicated reruns 16 years after the final episode aired.

The show is believed to have generated $3.1 billion in revenue since it was first syndicated in 1995. The latest syndication deal alone grossed Jerry Seinfeld about $400 million.

It may be no wonder, then, that Seinfeld made having “too many things” the basis of his Tonight Show routine.

“You’re all excited when you get something, you bring it in, open it on the kitchen table; the place of honor for the new arrivals. You read the instructions, fill out the registration card. You may even join the club of other idiots who have this thing,” Seinfeld said in the comic bit.

“Really eBay is the only thing that can save the object at this point. eBay — another step forward in human culture, hey why don’t we mail our garbage back and forth to each other.”

Seinfeld concludes that even all human beings themselves “are thrown out in the end.”

Seinfeld appeared on The Tonight Show to promote the Season 5 finale of Seinfeld’s online series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, which consists of Seinfeld interviewing other comedians in informal settings. The finale features an interview with Fallon.

The Jerry Seinfeld web series airs on the Sony-owned Crackle internet service, and can also be viewed online at this link.