Puppy Shot, Otis McCulley Charged: Elderly Man Kills Tiny Dog On Poop Fears

A Washington State man is facing time behind bars for allegedly shooting a puppy to death last week. Police say Otis McCulley shot and killed an Australian shepherd dog over fears of it pooping on his lawn. Readers call the animal cruelty a vile act against a hapless animal, citing a New York Daily News report.

McCulley, 82, apparently shot his neighbor’s puppy when the dog escaped from the confines of its home and entered the man’s yard. Fearing that the animal may soil his lawn by leaving droppings on the grass, he retrieved a firearm and fired it at the animal. The dog was struck at least once.

The K9’s owner, a 10-year-old boy, rushed to his companion’s side. He then called police before heading off to a nearby animal hospital. Sadly, the puppy died a short time later from gunshot wounds. Staff at the facility said the shepherd pup succumbed to its wounds after a bullet ruptured his colon.

Police met with Otis McCulley after the puppy shooting. The elderly homeowner confessed to firing the fatal shot into the dog.

“I shot the (expletive) thing.”

Investigators also report that the suspect admitted to shooting a number of other dogs that breached his property in the past. As of this writing, police have not confirmed the man’s statements.

Rowdy, the puppy shot dead by McCulley, was only 6-months old. Kathy Davis, the mother of the 10-year-old boy who tried to save his pet dog said her family was not aware the animal escaped through a fence at their home.

The dog’s killer told police that he believes he had a right to kill the puppy for coming on his property without his permission. Reportedly, prosecutors in the case disagree. According to KOMO News, they are working with police in the ongoing investigation, and are pursuing the possibility of adding weapons charges to the man’s current record of violations.

There are numerous reports of homeowners shooting wild animals like bears, cougars, snakes and other dangerous creatures. All of the aforementioned animals are potentially dangerous to humans. Oftentimes, shooting them is the only option one has when faced with life and death situations.

Clearly, the puppy shot by Otis McCulley didn’t pose any danger to the man, and having a fear the dog would poop on his lawn, arguably, is not justification for killing it. Share your thoughts about the incident below.

[Image via: GrindTV, KEPRTV]