Antonio Martin: Violent Protests Take Place Following Fatal Shooting, Witnesses Claim 'Police Aggression' Led To Shooting: Riots Ahead? [Video]

On the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 23, violent protests broke out in the small city of Berkeley, Missouri, following the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Antonio Martin. According to Fox 2 Now, a crowd of about 100 people caused quite an uproar following the shooting death of the African-American male who was killed by a white police officer with the Berkeley Police Department.

Although most of the details have yet to be released, unfortunately, the case already mimics the August shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown with several witnesses and several different accounts of what actually occurred. But, of course, this shooting was caught on camera as well. Several media outlets have reported that the gas station's surveillance cameras show Martin allegedly pulling a gun on the officer when he was approached. But, eye witnesses claim that's not how the incident occurred. A bystander among protestors even questioned whether or not the shooting was a result of "police aggression."

Here's what he told Fox News:

"I understand police officers have a job and have an obligation to go home to their families at the end of the night. But do you have to treat every situation with lethal force?... It's not a racial issue, or black or white. It's wrong or right."
So, what actually happened? Only time will tell as the case continues to unfold. All allegations are considered speculation at this point because the case is ongoing. The evaluation of the surveillance footage is also preliminary until the full investigation is complete. But, unfortunately protestors are already taking a defensive stance due to recent incidents in the past that are similar to Martin's death. As a matter of fact, the protests reportedly escalated to an unsettling level where violence ensued.

Here's a quick video. Warning: This video has language that may be offensive to some viewers.

County police chief Jon Belmar also released a statement in reference to the officer who killed Martin. Although many officers always win under these circumstances, Belmar made it clear that there are "no winners."

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