NYPD And ASPCA Save 400 Abused Cats And Dogs: Meet The Cops Who Adopted Rescued Pets [Photos]

When people think of the New York Police Department (NYPD), they usually associate the organization with focusing on arresting criminals for illegal acts such as theft, rather than rescuing pets. But in the past year, the NYPD saved almost 400 abused cats and dogs, reported the New York Post. In addition, the police department arrested more than 100 people for harming animals.

The dog and cat rescue work began this year, when the ASPCA and NYPD joined forces to conquer the challenge of saving abused animals. While the police department investigates cases of animal cruelty, the ASPCA provides rehabilitation and medical treatment for the rescued creatures.

Prior to working with the NYPD, the ASPCA typically saved 140 pets annually. This year, however, that number has jumped 150 percent, thanks to the police department, which rescued 385 animals in 2014.

“It’s a tremendous increase from previous years,” acknowledged ASPCA senior director Howard Lawrence. “You’re mobilizing a police force of 35,000 people. Before it [the program] went citywide, the ASPCA had a much smaller force.”

Some of the cases show the dangers from which these pets were saved. A rottweiler now named Kim was weak, starving, and dehydrated when found, while a pitt mix dubbed Otis suffered broken bones after being dumped in a park.

The number of animal abuse arrests also has jumped dramatically. While the ASPCA averaged 40 to 45 arrests annually, in 2014, the NYPD completed 130 arrests, which included nabbing those who headed up dog-fighting rings.

To facilitate working together, an ASPCA liaison is assigned to each precinct. After police rescue injured or abused animals, the abused pets travel to the ASPCA facilities. Trained animal behaviorists then rehabilitate the dogs and cats to help them find safe, loving, forever homes.

And in some cases, it’s the police themselves who can’t resist the furry little face of a dog who’s been saved, reported I Still Love Dogs News. The Columbus Division of Police (CPD) shared several dog rescue tales that ended with cops adopting the puppies.

Officer Rodger Nolan, for example, saved a four-month-old puppy trapped in a car accident. When the owner decided to surrender her to the animal shelter, Nolan couldn’t resist.

“Officer Nolan fell in love with her instantly,” revealed the CPD.

So off he went with his wife to adopt and name the puppy, now called Camden.

Another officer, Kelly Shay, responded when a woman reported that a man had dumped a puppy in a trash can. Finding the little dog with a broken leg, the police officer persuaded animal rescue to help and fostered the puppy herself. After he recovered, Shay couldn’t give him away, revealed the CPD on its Facebook page.

“Ofr. Shay took him in her arms, [and] got a rescue to cover his medical bills. Well, we are happy to tell you after fostering him and helping him post-surgery, Ofr. Shay adopted Oscar!!!”

Those who foster abandoned and injured puppies emphasize that it’s challenging as the Inquisitr reported. When three tiny 10-day-old puppies were rescued from a dumpster, dog shelter volunteer Claire Fowler agreed to foster them.

That meant bottle-feeding her little dog babies every two hours and giving them love with warm baths, revealed the group for whom she volunteers, called DFW Rescue Me.

“It takes a very special person to foster bottle babies. It isn’t just a matter of feeding them every 2 hours and keeping them clean. You pretty much have to do it all. We try to make it as close to a mother’s care as we can get. Never a replacement, but as close as we can come. Warm baths help.”

[Photo By China Photos/Getty Images]