With Matisyahu Out, Will Describe Be The Next Chassidic Superstar? [VIDEO]

It seems as if Matisyahu may be the Hassidic Entertainer of the past. We all wish the star well as he embarks on his new journey of self discovery, but the real question is…who will pick up the torch?

That just may be Describe!

Most recently, DeScribe collaborated with Matisyahu on “Pure Soul,”. DeScribe also collaborated with Rohan Marley (Bob Marley’s son) after a chance encounter on the streets of New York City, which resulted in “Livin’ for the Grind”.

The Hassidic rapper is gaining a huge fanbase among all religions and races with a hot new sound, successfully intertwining Jewish spirituality with the sound of the street. Describe was recently featured on the CBS documentary “Faith, Music, & Culture” where he stated that he take his music as a direct mission from above.

If you are asking yourself who Describe is, just watch the video below!