McDonald’s Gun: Man Pulls Gun At McDonald’s After His Cheeseburger Is Missing From His Order

A man went into McDonald’s with a gun, after receiving the wrong order in the drive thru. According to USA Today, police are looking for 21-year-old Demetri Johnson after a case of suspected aggravated assault at the food chain’s Nashville, Tennessee, location on Thursday.

“Police said Johnson placed a drive-thru order early Thursday, received his food and pulled away. He drove back through the drive-thru, complained about the missing cheeseburger and the manager asked him to park and said he would bring out the missing sandwich.”

But Johnson had another idea. He parked his car, and proceeded to walk into the McDonald’s with a pistol, demanding his order be fixed.

The man stood in McDonald’s flashing the gun, and he wasn’t alone. He and the three women allegedly demanded free french fries, and new drinks. They didn’t leave until their demands were met, but thankfully no one was injured. According to WHAS, police in the North Precinct have not been able to track Johnson down. They are asking anyone with information on his whereabouts to contact them.

Evidently this sort of reaction to an incorrect order isn’t that uncommon. There have been several incidents of customers resorting to violence after receiving the wrong food order at all different eateries from McDonald’s to Dunkin’ Donuts locations all over the country.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a woman at a McDonald’s in Michigan was furious after she and a friend received the wrong order twice, so she fired a shot through the drive-thru window earlier this year.

The two women were told by an employee that their next meal would be on the house after a mix-up. The women returned to the same McDonald’s location in the middle of the night to cash in on their free meal, but their order was wrong again… and that is when things went south.

“[The suspect], in the passenger seat of the vehicle, allegedly leaned over the driver of the car and engaged in a verbal confrontation with the employee before shooting a bullet through the drive-through window. No one was injured as the bullet passed through the opposite wall of the restaurant.”

Bringing a gun to McDonald’s is a bit extreme, and most people would agree that, as frustrating as it may be, violence (or the threat of violence) is never the answer.

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]