Jennifer McLogan Reports Woman Is Suing United Airlines For $5 Million Dollars For Treating Her Like An Animal

Jennifer McLogan reports that a Long Island woman is suing United Airlines for $5 million dollars for kicking her off the plane and mistreating on the flight. In an exclusive report by CBS-New York, Jean Mamakos said that all she wanted to do was change her seat after the plane took off because there was more room and no one was sitting there.

According to court documents, Jean Mamakos booked a round trip ticket to Alaska for a skiing trip with friends. But when she boarded the plane, she decided to change seats just after take off. According to CBS, the airline attendant stopped her and demanded her credit card for an up charge. During that time, she was talked down to and treated like an animal — even her jeans were torn during the arrest, which police claim she resisted.

“One of the stewardesses said ‘Oh no you don’t.’ Which stopped me in my tracks. So I went forward and then another stewardess came along and said ‘Give me your credit card.'”

The airline attendants wanted to charge her over $100 extra for changing her seat, and when she returned to her own seat, they told her that she had to exit the plane. The police were called and they slapped handcuffs on Jean Mamakos on the spot.

“They did handcuff me, there were three policemen that dragged me out of the plane. [Reporter’s question: And did they tell you what they were charging you with?] They said trespassing.”


Getting kicked off of a flight is not a rare occurrence. Just last year, ABC News reported that a woman was booted from a flight and charged for not turning off her cell phone, and Inquisitr reported two days ago that famous socialite Tara Palmer Tomkinson was arrested at Heathrow airport for cursing and tearing out her hair extensions.

Jean Mamakos’ friends, who went on to Alaska without her, watched in horror as the 68-year-old Huntington woman was arrested. Jean Mamakos spent three horrible nights in jail as she waited for the local courthouse to open. At least her bags made it to Alaska.

Some sure fire ways to get yourself booted from an airplane would include fighting with the attendants over texting and talking on a cell phone. Being too aggressive, disturbing the other passengers, playing stereo earphones too loudly, and using profanity-laden language are also ways to have youself escorted from the flight.

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