Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: ‘Dancing With The Stars Offered Me $150,000’ Up-Front

If his daughter’s Instagram message is anything to go by, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. may well be the next brave contender on the dance show Dancing with the Stars.

The revelation came when Kick, Kennedy’s daughter, pasted a text message about the subject on her Instagram account, revealing,

“I just got solicited to do a show called dancing with the stars. They will pay me $150,000 to commit and additional $350,000 if I make it into the semifinals in a televised dance contest. I know that some of you have seen me dance and I thought it advisable to consult you as I consider this offer.”

So it seems the decision is more a financial one than anything else as money is clearly the main consideration, as far as the online message is concerned.

That being said, the amounts of cash Kick refers to tally well with a Hollywood Reporter article from 2010 which alleged that contestants made a cool $125,000 for signing up as well as, a “$345,000 pot up for grabs during the 10 weeks of airtime.”

For his part, Robert F. Kennedy Jr is known to be pretty hot on his feet, as he proved at his wedding to Cheryl Hines in August when the couple did their first dance to Adele ‘s Make You Feel My Love in front of 250 guests.

Obviously, soon after the media spotted Kick’s Instagram posting, she set her page to private, in her attempt at damage control.

Do you think that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is considering a role in Dancing with the Stars? Do you think he’d be an asset to the show if he decides to join? And what about the large amounts of cash the DWTS contenders get? Too high or fair enough?

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