Seth Rogen And James Franco Respond To Sony’s New Plan To Release ‘The Interview’ Theatrically And VOD

As the Inquisitr reported, The Interview will get a limited theatrical release and will be available on VOD. After President Obama shamed Sony Pictures for giving theaters the go ahead to pull the film after empty threats by North Korea, the studio has decided to support theaters who are willing to show The Interview on Christmas Day.

Since the hackers otherwise known as Guardians of Peace have invaded Sony’s systems, this has been a nightmare for the studio. Sony was going to go ahead with The Interview release as scheduled, but then once the hackers threatened to pull 9/11 attacks on theater-goers they decided it would be best to take the film out of theaters. After backlash from the President to virtually all of Hollywood, Sony has now reconsidered.

Michael Lynton, the Chairman and CEO of Sony Entertainment, released a statement.

“We have never given up on releasing The Interview and we’re excited our movie will be in a number of theaters on Christmas Day. At the same time, we are continuing our efforts to secure more platforms and more theaters so that this movie reaches the largest possible audience. While we hope this is only the first step of the film’s release, we are proud to make it available to the public and to have stood up to those who attempted to suppress free speech.”

In the wake of this decision, director, writer, and actor Seth Rogen has released a statement.

In true Franco fashion, the actor released a statement and two hilarious photos about Sony’s decision. The Interview released Seth Rogen and James Franco

VICTORY!!!!!!! The PEOPLE and THE PRESIDENT have spoken!!! SONY to release THE INTERVIEW in theaters…

— James Franco (@JamesFrancoTV) December 23, 2014

CELEBRATING!!!!! “The Interview” starring Seth Rogen and James Flacco saved by President Obacco! I…

— James Franco (@JamesFrancoTV) December 23, 2014

Originally it was believed that the Seth Rogen and James Franco assassination comedy wouldn’t see the light of day as a representative came forward and claimed that Sony had no plans to release the film on VOD after they pulled the plug on the theatrical release. Now that has all changed.

The Wrap reports that the film will also have some sort of a VOD release.

“The release will likely be in the 200-theater range; exhibitors typically cap the rollout of films that offer day-and-date VOD at around 300 sites, because it usually cuts attendance significantly.”

Although we’re not sure what platform, as it stands Sony will not be releasing The Interview through Crackle as earlier reports suggested. That said, this story is still developing so updates are expected to be made.

[Image via Sony Pictures]