Dancing With The Stars Producer Accused of Supplying Illegal Drugs To Dancers

In the latest bombshell report to hit the news headlines this week it is being alleged that a Dancing with the Stars producer is under investigation by the L.A. police for supplying illegal drugs to cast members of the ABC show.

Radar Online, which carried the story, claims that it obtained a copy of text messages between the said producer and some of the dancers, which the LAPD are using as part of their ongoing investigation.

As far back as December 2013, the producer purportedly sent a message to one of the dancers which read, “I got moon rocks, it’s the highest form of Molly. Pure crystal,” which made no bones about the type of drugs on offer.

And then in April of this year, a message from a dancer to the producer read, “Hey babe! Can I get some nose candy from you? Need it tomorrow if possible…”

A spokesperson for BBC Worldwide Productions, which produces the show, told Radar in a statement, “The LAPD have not notified us or confirmed that any investigation is underway and we therefore have no further comment to make on the subject.”

In another very incriminating message, a male dancer sent a nose emoticon to the producer, seemingly asking for some “nose candy,” to which he replied, “Too late, but I got a jumbo so you can just hit off mine.”

According to the insider, who intended to get the drug dealing stopped and the users into rehab, “He (the producer) should be fired. The amount of drugs he’s given to everyone is insane.”

The dancers, which even included at least one celebrity, had “issues,” according to the insider, “These people probably need to go and work on their issues,” the source says. “They think that they have things without consequences, no repercussions. It’s a great lesson for every one.”