Festivus: Rand Paul Airs His Grievances

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) tweeted out his grievances about politics and politicians in his annual celebration of the parody holiday Festivus; NBCNews.com reported yesterday. Paul recognized Festivus by taking issue with how Washington works and reminding fellow Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) that he doesn’t re-tweet Paul’s tweets often enough.

“The likely presidential hopeful poked fun at politicos on both sides of the aisle, participating via his half-million-follower-strong Twitter feed in the satirical tradition of the “Airing of Grievances” — made famous in a 1997 episode of Seinfeld,” NBCNews reported about Paul’s observance of Festivus.

Paul began the occasion by tweeting, “Christmas is a time for joy. For sharing blessings w/family & friends. It is not a time to air grievances. That’s what #Festivus is for.”

Soon he tweeted about how he practices “first do no harm” and wished that politicians would practice this. Then he continued his Festivus grievances by criticizing politicians in Washington for applying the wrong remedies to problems and mentioned hemp, med marijuana, crim justice reform in his Festivus tweets.

Rand Paul, in the spirit of Festivus, mentioned the success of Rick Santorum wearing his sweater vest in the 2012 campaign and posted to tweet the above picture of the Rand Paul 2016 shirt, Politico reported on Paul’s Festivus tweets.

Paul continued his Festivus tweets, with “This year @MotherJones named me best dressed in Washington. Of course everyone else is wearing a blue suit, so it isn’t really a contest.”

Referring to his earlier argument over President Obama’s Cuba policy with Senator Marco Rubio as part of his recognition of Festivus, Paul tweeted it was tempting to raise that issue again but decided he had done enough in his Festivus tweets.

Rand Paul made news last week, The Inquisitr reported when he took former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to task in an internet advertisement for his views on immigration and “Common Core” education reform. This attack was no bit of Festivus fun, the Kentucky senator implied Bush is out of touch and out of step with most Republican voters on those and other issues.

It is expected the spirit of Festivus will be short lived as the winter holidays pass and give way to the hardball politics of the upcoming presidential campaign involving Paul and others. Perhaps we should see more celebration of Festivus, especially from our politicians and candidates for president.

[Image of the Rand Paul 2016 shirt as posted by Paul on Twitter.]