Yolandita Monge, Topy Mamery’s Kids Write Scathing Letter To Noelia

Yolandita Monge’s drama with her daughter Noelia continues. As Inquisitr reported earlier this month, the family has been on the outs with Noelia for quite some time, and the death of Noelia’s stepfather, Topy Mamery, did little to bring the family together. In fact, the family is more apart now than ever before. After Carlos Topy Mamery’s funeral, Yolandita Monge blamed the media’s negative attention on his sex scandals for his death.

Inquisitr also told you about the rift that tore the family apart, concerning the accusations made by Noelia that her stepfather, Topy Mamery, sexually molested her. Since that time Yolandita Monge claims to have tried to repair the situation with her daughter, but she also still does not believe the sexual molestation story.

The family got together days ago and decided to send a scathing letter to Noelia through social media. The very long letter, which was written in Spanish, expresses the following sentiments.

The Mamery family has tried to find ways to communicate with Noelia but have been unsuccessful in doing so. The only choice they had was to post the letter to a social media account. The family says that the last thing they want to do is to publicize such a private matter, but they are unable to put up with Noelia’s tears and illogically fabricated stories about sexual abuse. They continue by saying that the sexual molestation story is completely made up, a fictitious story that is designed to keep her in the public eye. The Mamerys wish that Noelia could put the same focus and attention on her career that she has put into trying to destroy the family.

The letter goes on to ask the question of why Noelia has so much hate in her heart, and why she is hell-bent on destroying and breaking the hearts of the very people who have loved and supported her all of her life.

Yolandita and the Mamery family reflect back on how Noelia wanted to change her last name to Mamery because Topy was the father she never had. They continue that they are tired of her lies, and the inventions, and they would like to plead with her to rip the hate out of her heart so that she can find true happiness.

The heart-torn letter is signed by Paola González Monge, Roxana Mamery, Tania Mamery, and Imanol Mamery Monge, according to El Nuevo Dia.

(Photo Credit: Youtube)