Massive Keurig Recall: Coffee Lovers Burned By This Keurig Model When It Sprays Out Hot Liquid

A Keurig coffee maker recall of almost 7 million hot-beverage-brewing machines was issued on December 23, making this popular gift one you may not want put under the tree on Christmas. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported on Tuesday that Keurig’s popular MINI Plus Brewing Systems can overheat during the brewing process, causing the unit to spray out hot water and burn consumers.

keurig mini plus recalled

NBC News reports that Keurig Green Mountain received over 200 reports of hot liquid escaping from the brewer, with 90 reports of burn-related injuries. Keurig states that its MINI Plus Brewing Systems, with model number K10, can overheat and spray water during brewing.

The CPSC states that the recalled Keurig coffee makers — model K10 — and have the number “31” printed on the bottom. The units were sold online and in stores in both the U.S. and Canada between 2009 and 2014.

This recall involves Keurig MINI Plus Brewing System. They are single-serving, hot beverage brewers and were sold in 13 different colors with silver trim. Colors include black, red, white, cobalt blue, aqua blue, purple, platinum, emerald, yellow, orchid, bayberry, mauve and poinciana.

Keurig Green Mountain states that the recalled brewers were sold at Kmart, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, and other retailers nationwide, both online and in stores. The units measure approximately 11 inches tall, have three different cup size brewing options, and a removable drip tray.

“Hot liquid could escape from certain MINI Plus Brewing System units during use. Keurig has determined that this event is more likely to occur if the brewer is used to brew more than two cups in quick succession.”


Although the CPSC suggests that consumers who own or have just purchased at Keurig MINI Plus brewing machine stop using the coffee maker immediately, Keurig states that the unit can be used, but they recommend not making two cups in a row and standing back from the brewer to avoid getting burned.

“You can continue to use your brewer. We recommend you avoid brewing more than two cups in rapid succession and maintain an arm’s length distance from the brewer during the brewing process. If you purchased the product as a gift, please notify the gift recipient of this important safety information.”

Repair of the unit is free. To avoid the risk of getting burned, contact Keurig Green Mountain Inc. at their company headquarters in Waterbury, Vermont, at 1-844-255-7886. A customer service agent will tell you how to arrange for free repair of the recalled coffee maker so you, or your gift recipient, can get back to enjoying coffee without the risk of a burn.

[Image: Keurig Green Mountain]