NYPD Cop Killings 911 Call: Dispatchers Heard Yelling Cops ‘Deserved It’

Immediately after the NYPD cop killings happened in Brooklyn Saturday night, a 911 call was almost as shocking when two of the dispatchers were overheard arguing. As Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu lay dying from their gunshot wounds, the city’s 911 call center had their own drama going on that’s now making news.

Two operators made “anti-police” comments after the cop assassinations, New York Daily News reports in their exclusive coverage of the incident.

Sources tell news site that the two operators in question handled NYPD calls. When the comments were made, two Fire Department dispatchers became furious. What sparked the most outrage was when one of the dispatchers was allegedly overheard saying that the cops “deserved it,” according to a law enforcement source.

The cruel comments reportedly made one “sick to his stomach” and he chose to move to another desk so he’d avoid getting into an altercation.

This event happened at the 911 call center in Brooklyn’s MetroTech Center after the NYPD cops were killed by Ismaaiyl Brinsley as revenge for the police-involved killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

It’s noted in the report that the anti-police arguments were only between the FDNY and cop dispatchers. The city’s EMS operators weren’t involved in any way with the debacle. 911 cop operators are members of District Council 37’s Local 1549, the report reveals. A spokesman with DC37 says the union hasn’t heard anything about the shouting match and no record of disciplinary action or official intervention is documented.

The spokesman continues that 911 dispatchers are dedicated to their roles in protecting officers.


“The 911 call operators are extremely dedicated to their jobs and do everything they can to protect and help police officers at all times.

“We are proud to wear the NYPD patch on our uniforms, and at this time, all our energy is going toward helping the families of the two officers who were tragically killed.”

As CNN reports, the NYC cop assassinations were committed by Brinsley, who had an extensive criminal record. He had a past of being charged with criminal possession of a weapon, among other various law violations. Prior to his murderous rampage, Brinsley took to Instagram and wrote the message, “I’m Putting Wings On Pigs Today. They Take 1 Of Ours, Let’s Take 2 of Theirs.”

His mother, Shakwura Dabre, made a statement Monday saying she’s “deeply sorry” for the loss of the police officers’ lives. She says her son had battled mental illness for years, but never accepted help from family. More about that can be read in this Inquisitr article.

[Image via James Keivom/NY Daily News]