‘Pretty Little Liars’ Sneak Peeks: Are Emily And Paige Breaking Up And Is ‘A’ Rejecting Aria From College?

As always, “A” could very well be held responsible for everything going wrong in the girls’ lives right now and in the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars. “Through a Glass, Darkly” is going to see Mona’s friends and family still in mourning – and the girls still think that Alison had something to do with her death. The Liars continue to try to find evidence to prove she killed Mona, but it seems that Alison has a seemingly airtight alibi, and the girls may need to turn to more shady tactics to put her away.

The Pretty Little Liars winter premiere promo, which you can watch below, offers a look at Mona’s funeral. According to Ms. Grunwald, Alison and Mona “hated” each other because they “feared” each other. “A” is busy terrorizing the girls again, as always, and Alison warns, “They’re next, unless ‘A’ kills them first.” She also doesn’t seem to like being told she’s “A”. Speaking of “A,” as the Inquisitr previously reported, executive producer Marlene King has revealed that there is a fan out there that has correctly guessed who the big “A” is.

Hollywood Life has posted a sneak peek of Emily and Paige from the winter premiere, and it looks like their relationship could be coming to an end, with Paige leaving for California soon. Emily thought that after three months, she’d be used to the idea of Paige leaving, but she’s not. She can’t help but list the events that she’s going to miss, like graduation and prom, and even wants to try to talking to Paige’s parents again. However, Paige’s parents aren’t going to hear it. California’s earthquakes have nothing on ‘A.’

“They can’t hear anything. I have enough credits to leave early, and that’s all that counts. They want me someplace safe.”

TV Fanatic has also posted two other sneak peeks from the Pretty Little Liars winter premiere. In the first, which you can watch below, Alison finds Jason looking through family photos. (There are three full baby albums of Alison. The same can’t be said for Jason.) He shows her a happy family photo, but their memories of it are very different, in part because she has a “knack” for “remembering things differently,” according to Jason. She remembers a good day; he remembers what actually happened. Alison knows the girls talked to him, and he asks where she was on Thanksgiving Day. She insists that she’s being framed and she didn’t kill Mona.

In the other sneak peek, which you can watch below, Aria turns to Caleb for help because of his computer skills. He may not be having any luck decryption Mona’s data since she made up her own patterns and his software is getting nowhere, but he may be able to help Aria find out if she’s getting rejected from college because of “A.”

The Pretty Little Liars winter premiere airs Tuesday, January 6 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

[Image via ABC Family]