James Woods Blames Recent Police Murders On Al Sharpton, Calls Him The ‘Disgusting Pig’ Responsible

Al Sharpton became the subject of an angry Twitter attack in regards to his alleged role in the recent outbreak of cop killings across the country. Claiming Sharpton’s vocal defense of the black victims of police shootings provokes a negative view of police officers, Ray Donovan star James Woods is sick of the hatred he feels the Reverend is spreading disguised as love for the people. In addition to blaming Al Sharpton for the senseless murder of police officers, President Obama and New York Mayor de Blasio have also been taken to task for their comments on race and police.

According to the New York Post, actor James Woods took to Twitter on December 21st and called Reverend Al Sharpton a ‘pig’ and blamed him directly for the murder of officers Liu and Ramos. He included the phrase, “#TurnYourBack on #PigSharpton” in his Tweet. James Woods expressed his disgust with Sharpton in multiple tweets, each one criticizing the Reverend for his vocal defense of black victims of police shootings, and his call for the punishment of the police officers who pulled the triggers. In each case, Sharpton voiced his opinions prior to the facts being revealed, relying on eyewitness testimony, which can often be wrong. One prime example of the danger of relying on eyewitness testimony before all the evidence is considered was the case in Ferguson, where many eyewitnesses both for and against the police officer lied about what they observed.

Sharpton’s words often cause an upheaval in the mourning communities, possibly spreading unnecessary violence and hatred toward civic minded police officers, who only want to protect the community from further violence. James Woods has had enough of Reverend Al Sharpton’s so-called poisonous banter and wants it to stop before more innocent police officers are unceremoniously murdered while on the job. Woods tweeted again in reference to the New York execution of two police officers, once again blaming Sharpton for the violence.

“fueling the flames’I’m putting wings on pigs today’ — Cop assassin Ismaaiyl Brinsley. Is Race Pimp Sharpton eating caviar this morning?”


The Washington Times reported that Sharpton was not the only focus of Wood’s Twitter attack. Mayor de Blasio and President Obama were also targets as Woods praised the police who turned their backs on Mayor de Blasio when he arrived at the hospital where the slain officers were taken, showing their lack of support for the mayor. In a tweet directed at de Blasio, Woods wrote, “Your cowardess just cost 2NYPD lives.”

James Woods feels that there has been a movement of cowardice toward calling out those who continue to demonize the police and praise for those who engage in violent protest or commit crimes. Woods claims his focus is not on race, but instead, on the lack of information before defending either side of an issue, resulting in unnecessary hatred and escalation into murder.

[Photo Courtesy: New York Daily News]