See How This Homeless Man Spends A Hundred Dollars, And Keep A Tissue Handy [Video]

A homeless man was given a hundred dollars, and what he did will make you cry. YouTube channel owner Josh Paler Lin decided to see it for himself and capture it all on camera.

Normally when you think of the homeless, you probably picture some drug or alcohol addict who is only taking money from passerby to support their next fix. Some of them even make more money than the average full-time employee working legally just because they’re good actors with bad clothes and not homeless at all.

Instead of assuming the worst, Josh put his money into finding the truth. He started the video asking the audience a question and explaining his idea.

“When you give homeless people money, do you ever wonder how they spent it? Today I’m going to give a homeless guy a hundred dollars, and I’m going to follow him and see how he spent it.”

Josh approached a homeless man at an intersection holding up one of the usual cardboard signs asking for help, and begins a conversation with the man. As Josh hands the man the hundred dollars, he tears up at the generosity, telling him plainly that nobody’s ever given him that much.

Josh then left the intersection as the camera remained trained on the man. As expected, the first place he went was a liquor store, but if you watch what happens, it’s not what you’re probably thinking. Coming out with a few things in bags, he made his way to the park and started handing food and other items to the homeless people there.

After witnessing this twice, Josh approached the homeless man and told him that what he saw really touched him. He confessed that he had the man followed to see what he would do, and had his doubts initially. The man told Josh that some of the homeless are just people who fell on hard luck, and he told him his story.

To reward the man for his generosity paid forward, Josh gave him another hundred dollars.

Does this change how you think about the homeless?

[Image via YouTube]