Kate Middleton Is Planning The Perfect Christmas For Prince William And Baby George

While most people like to wind down and relax when Christmas finally arrives after a long year, in all its festive glory, that isn’t necessarily the case for the Royal Family, which find itself busier than most as Santa and his elves deliver their Christmas presents.

But, this year, the Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly taking control and intends to offer husband William and baby George the perfect Christmas by juggling families to ensure everyone gets a visit.

That means that Kate Middleton and William will be busier than many as they will be popping in to see all and sundry, delivering presents, and of course their best festive wishes as the rest of us enjoy our turkey and stuffing,

For the most part, as reported by People magazine, Kate and William, along with George, will be chilling mainly at their country residence, Anmer Hall, but will travel a couple of miles up the road on Christmas Day itself, to visit the Queen at Sandringham House.

In keeping with royal tradition, the Duchess and Duke will make their way on Christmas day to the St. Church of St. Mary Magdalene with the Queen and the other royals.


Meanwhile, Prince George will stay at home with his nanny, and most likely open his Christmas stocking, which will, no doubt be more impressive than for most kids his age.

In another very British tradition, fans of the royal family annually line the route from the Church back to the royal residence in order to catch a glimpse of the Queen or Kate Middleton.

While baby George has already been to visit Santa, Kate reportedly intends to host her sister Pippa, at a gathering at Anmer Hall, as told to reporters by friends of the Duchess.

All-in-all, the royal holiday season looks to be shaping up nicely as Kate Middleton prepares what she hopes will be the perfect Christmas for her nearest and dearest.