The Voice Finale Ratings Were High — Why No One Should Be Surprised

Last Tuesday evening, The Voice wrapped up another successful season. Not only was Craig Wayne Boyd crowned the seventh winner on The Voice, but the season finale reportedly enjoyed very high ratings.

According to TV By The Numbers, The Voice finished the night as the top-rated show in its time slot, with the closest competition coming from CBS’s NCIS: New Orleans.

Meanwhile, Nielsen ranked The Voice as an event that enjoyed the most unique tweets on Twitter, making it the most talked about series on the social media site for certain stretches of time.

No doubt, this will be welcome news to the showrunners for The Voice (and the sponsors who received product placement plugs throughout the episode), however, it’s not so surprising all things considered.

Why was The Voice so highly rated in the end, even as favorite front-runners went home?

There were a few reasons.

The first, of course, is all of the famous established musicians that NBC allowed to be on the show. Some were picked to perform with finalists. Among these acts were Fall Out Boy (who’s lead singer Patrick Stump appeared earlier in the series as a guest coach), Jessie J, Jennifer Hudson, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Other popular acts of the moment featured on the final episode of The Voice included Meghan Trainor, Ed Sheeran, Hozier, and Mark Ronson with Bruno Mars.

Interestingly enough, each of the guest artists had a song performed by a The Voice hopeful earlier in the week, with many guest artists appearing to perform the same song. Just in case Voice audience members wanted to make a comparison, perhaps?

In any case, a star-studded finale is bound to bring fans of the popular artists along for the ride, even if they haven’t followed The Voice and aren’t personally invested in finding out who wins.

Speaking of which, seeing who wins the show is a major drawing point, of course. Even if a personal favorite is no longer in the running, it’s hardly shocking that The Voice fans will be curious as to who everyone voted (or perhaps didn’t vote) for.

After Craig Wayne Boyd had been crowned the winner of The Voice, there was quite a bit of reaction on social media. Some of it was positive, congratulating Boyd as the best possible choice.

Others did not take the news that Boyd won The Voice very well. Voice finalist Matt McAndrew spoke up, reminding fans that they didn’t need to feel disappointed for him or upset with themselves as there were great things to look forward to.

With finalists and other contestants moving on from the seventh season of The Voice, already talk is shifting to the eight season. With Christina Aguilera returning after a two season hiatus, and Pharrell Williams coming back, the dynamics will be slightly different.

However, previous trends suggest that, come what may, it will continue to be a well-rated weekly spectacle.

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