PlayStation 4 For $329: Another Great Holiday Offer!

PlayStation 4 for just $329? Can you really buy it for that kind of money? Now you can! There is no need to wait for Sony to drop the price because Walmart has already done it!

Sony’s console was offered in Walmart for only $329, taking $70 from the original $399 price. There is only one small catch in the whole deal; you need to be able to go and pick-up the device in the store, even if you order it online. Considering the price, it might even be worth taking a quick trip to nearest Walmart during the busy holiday season.

For those who do not recall, according to Siliconera, the last time PlayStation 4 was on sale was more than a month ago on Black Friday. Newegg was selling a limited quantity of PlayStations through their eBay storefront. For now, these two price drops are the only known big discounts on the PlayStation 4 during this holiday season.

PlayStation 4 has kept its price of $399 since its release in November 2013. Currently, this 70-dollar-off deal is certainly the best on the market. Sony included The Last of Us Remastered and GTA V in its $399 bundle for Black Friday, but the price for standalone consoles has remained the same. According to Tweaktown, Amazon was offering the same deal as Sony on Black Friday, but for a price of $439.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has discounted the price of its Kinect-less Xbox One by $50 dollars and it now cost just $349. This holiday season move has made the sales skyrocket. The console achieved an overall sales record last November, with more than 1.2 million devices sold just in the U.S. This was the first time that the Xbox One outsold PlayStation 4 in the last ten months. Microsoft has also offered great array of bundle deals to its customers. Some of the deals cut the price so low that gamers were able to get an to get Xbox One for as little as $250.

As of Monday morning, the PlayStation 4 $329 deal was still available in the Seattle region. What remains to be seen is how long this deal will last, considering the amount of interest from gamers who didn’t get a chance to buy PlayStation 4 on Black Friday. Hurry up if you want to become owner of latest PlayStation because now is the perfect time for a great deal!