Is Mark Zuckerberg Being Sued By Facebook?

An Israeli Entrepreneur is betting that Facebook would not want to sue someone with the same name as their inventor and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He is so confident of this that he is changing hi name to, you guessed it, Mark Zuckerberg.

A s reported by, Israeli Businessman Rotem Guez was threatened with a lawsuit over allegations that his company had violated the terms of service of the social networking behemoth.

Guez’s response, “if you want to sue me you will have to sue Mark Zuckerberg!”.

Guez had formed a company which sell Facebook “likes”. He got people to like his client’s pages by offering them free content from his other sites, which is a clear violation of Facebook’s terms of service. Facebook had originally sent several “Cease and Desist letters threatening that if Guez didn’t halt his activities the company would be sues. They served him with a lawsuit earlier this year.

Guez has counter sued saying Facebook has hurt his business and kicked him off for no apparent reason.

Do you think Facebook will sue Mark Zuckerberg?