Pakistan Has An All-Women Commando Team Ready And Eager To Take On Terrorism

Apparently, Pakistan, a country that is strongly influenced by the teachings of the Islam, has a small but fearless troupe consisting of only women. Pakistan’s fearless female commandos, as they are locally known, seem armed and ready to take on any threats, both foreign and domestic.

Post the brutal attack on one of the most innocent of institutions – a school – Pakistan has perhaps decided to explore all options of defending its citizens from any more such atrocities. While it may be a little tough to believe, Pakistan has been waging a war against longstanding Taliban forces and other militants along the Afghan border.


The Pakistan army is claiming to have intensified its operations against terrorists in the last six months and the ‘retaliation‘ by the Taliban was supposed to be a ‘warning’ to the advancing army. However, the horrific and barbaric attack on a public school in the city of Peshawar could significantly speed-up the deployment of the female commandos to the front line of Pakistan’s war against terrorism, reported Dawn. Speaking about the relatively nascent outfit, Officer Safia Naz said,

“No one should be under the illusion that the KP women are unable to fight alongside their male counterparts. We want to send a message to the terrorists that Pashtuns are ready to take them on as they want peace in their motherland.”

As a female police officer in Abbottabad, Saida believes the first-of-its-kind anti-terror squad is more than ready to prove their fighting ability,

“The women of KP can be soldiers as good as those of any nation of the world. I always knew it was my mission to go into the field and fight insurgents physically. I am willing to pay any price to rid my country of terrorism.”


The all-female anti-terror squad was setup at a police center in Nowshera last November, reported The New York Post. The entire squad is made up of women who completed their training and then volunteered to be integrated into main combat. Once implemented into the team, the girls will carry out countert-errorism operations in the field. Perhaps looking at the way things are developing in Pakistan, these brave female warriors could soon get a chance to prove their mettle.


KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak who has always endorsed the formation of an all-women combat ready team said,

“The elite all-woman force will go a long way in rooting out terrorism. The presence of female commandos would be of great help in defeating the terrorists.”


Pakistan’s army chief Gen. Raheal Sharif has called for the Taliban’s “final elimination”. Knowing how the terrorists are wary of women warriors, this all-women team could indeed prove to be the most effective weapon against them.

[Image Credit | AFP]